Saturday, September 20, 2014

Amazing Yarn Dying class at the "The Black Purls Yarn Shop" in Sandwich

I just took a great class "yarn dying", at the "Black Purls Yarn Shop" in Sandwich.
It was so much fun and I came home with 3 gorgeous yarns saturated with color. I can't wait to knit gifts and say that I dyed the yarn!

The shop itself is the best yarn shop I have ever been to! Even if you don't knit going in to look at the colors for inspiration is a must! Below are the photos from the class!

Looks like spaghetti at first!

Look at all the colors to choose from!

Don't worry, the dye is already mixed for you! Just choose and dive in!

Before I added a warm brown!

Letting the dye soak into the yarn.

A lovely place to spend the morning!

Owner and amazing teacher!

This one looks like seaweed, beautiful color by one of the class participants.

Rinsing out the dye

Spritzing color onto another color

This was my favorite one to make. I made it for my niece Meghan! her hair is a beautiful auburn color and I thought this would look great on her… we shall see what I actually make with it.

The morning light was peaceful and relaxing!

Here is what it looks like inside the yummy yarn shop…

one last photo of a hawk that was sitting on a branch outside the studio…