Sunday, May 11, 2014

Childless Mothers Day! Happy Day to you!

My wedding day with my niece Lily

I have been looking at my favorite blogs today and all the art/crafty girls out there who infuse their blogs with mommy hood and art. I love it and hate it at the same time, just being honest! I get really jealous sometimes, because I don't have children of my own.

So, this is a great big HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of those ladies out there that don't have children!

A lot of us who can't have children or choose not to, never talk about it. We sometimes feel like outcasts in parks, libraries, kids birthday parties, on mommy craft blogs! I love children! I have nieces I adore and share my life with, and I would love to have my own, but alas, it was not in the cards of life. I have already mourned years ago and moved on. If you are in that mourning stage right now, it gets better and I promise, you will make peace with filling that void. We live in a society where it's expected we will have children, it's ingrained in us from the time we can hold a baby doll. So of course it can be a shock when you find out "Sorry, you can't conceive". I know people who have went through years of IVF and miscarriages to still end up childless!

Today, I say "Happy Mothers Day" to all of you who wanted but don't have children. To all of you that chose not to have children. You are a mother of the world! Be the best Aunt, or friend of a child, there are many who need us just as much as a Mom! Build your life around LOVE and be the best you, you can be! You are loved and needed in the world just as much as mothers!

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