Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's in the Details!


  [n. dih-teyldee-teyl; v. dih-teyl or for 13, dee-teyl] 
an individual or minute part; an item or particular.
particulars collectively; minutiae.
attention to or treatment of a subject in individual or minuteparts: to postpone detail and concentrate on a subject as a whole.
intricate, finely wrought decoration.
Engineering detail drawing.

I just returned from an amazing art retreat in Seaside, Oregon. 
Artist Alisa Burke taught the retreat you can find her here at The class was called "You me and the Sea"

We had a beautiful time creating in watercolors, black and white journal entries, and lots of old fashioned crafting (my favorite). 

On my trip I noticed all the beautiful details everywhere I went. Details in flowers, sea life, artwork, and even faces!

Details make life so interesting!

I challange you today to slow down and look for 10 details around you.
When you take the time to slow down and look, the...

details start poping out at you all over the place!

The next challenge will be to take one of these details from YOUR DAY and make some sort of art work. It can be a painting, small needle work, drawing, collage anything you choose! I will post something from the detail of one of these photos in a few days! Happy Creating!

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